5 Easy embroidery craft ideas to do with your kids

5 Easy embroidery craft ideas to do with your kids

Although embroidery was once a very common household task and a popular craft, in recent years it dwindled in popularity and became known as a grandmotherly type activity to do. Thankfully in recent years it has enjoyed a resurrection. Embroidery is becoming popular again with people of all ages, which is fantastic because there are many benefits to doing this type of craft with children. Embroidery is great for teaching hand eye coordination, sewing and creativity. So, wait no longer and choose the best embroidery machine to suit your needs, or check out my favorite all-rounder and the bestseller Brother SE400 Embroidery Machine.

We have found 5 easy embroidery craft ideas to do with your kids.

Felt Heart Ornament Craft

These precious little felt hearts can be used as ornaments on a Christmas tree, key-chains or added on to zippers as a cute, unique zipper pull. First you will need to choose two colors of felt. Once you have done this you will want to cut out two hearts from one color of felt, and then a smaller heart from the second color of felt. You will then sew the little heart onto one of the big hearts. Once you have done that you will sew the two big hearts together, placing a small piece of ribbon between them to act as a holder when placed on a tree or key-ring.

Kid’s Embroidered Pencil Pouch ideas

Pencil pouches are a thing that children have a use for, and having one that they customized themselves will be extra exciting for them. For this project, you will want to go to your local craft store and purchase a burlap zipper pouch. Although these could be made at home, sewing in the zipper will require more skill than most children have. The first step to embroidering the case will be for your children to write their name with a thin marker on the pouch. Next have them choose a variety of colored threads. Once they have done that you will want them to trace their names using the threads and a basic embroidery stitch. They will then have a fun, colorful pencil pouch with their name on it.

Kids Embroidery Artwork

This embroidery project is a treat for both kids and parents. It will allow you to take your child’s favorite piece of artwork and immortalize it by embroidering it to make a beautiful keepsake.

First either you or your child will want to copy the artwork onto embroidery fabric using a pencil or fine tipped marker. Then you will have your child use a basic embroidery stitch to outline the drawings. If they are a bit older, then they will be able to use a slightly more advanced technique and fill the drawings in as well. You can then display the embroidered by hanging it on the wall in an embroidery hoop, or placing it in a picture frame.

Handmade Kid’s Medals

These handmade medals are a fantastic rainy-day project to do with the kids. You will want to cut out different shapes from multiple colors of felt. Once you have done that have the children sew a few of the shapes together, making sure to put a piece of ribbon in between the felt shapes to act as a necklace. The children can then draw, or embroider their names onto the felt, giving them their own personalized rewards.